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Rhubarb Design House:

The tools to launch a new design studio.


The first design project undertaken by ourselves was probably the most important; creating a brand for our new design studio!

Rhubarb Design House takes its name from our studio’s location in Wakefield, which is nestled within the ‘rhubarb triangle’ – a 9-square-mile piece of land famous for producing forced rhubarb. It only seemed right to pay homage to the area’s link to this fascinating vegetable which seems to be having a mini revival of late.

The icon takes the form of a stylised house, with ornate supports representing stems of rhubarb. This is surrounded by the name to create a circular stamp-like logo, which lends itself well to a range of applications including stamps, signage and social media profile images.

As we want our work to do the shouting, we ran with a minimal style throughout, with flashes of rhubarb pink to add visual interest. Fonts combine the contemporary with the classic.

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