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Rhubarb Design House is a Wakefield-based creative studio specialising in graphic design and visual identity for experience-led organisations.

Founded by Alex McIntosh and James Lodge in 2018, Rhubarb Design House collaborates with cultural and independent organisations who understand the important role that design has to play in enhancing customer experiences. We achieve this through captivating and purposeful design, which builds relationships and ultimately creates experiences that people remember.

We have helped organisations increase audience engagement across a range of sectors. These include: Arts & Culture, Hospitality & Leisure, Food & Drink, Civic & Public and Retail. By understanding the unique culture of each brand, we are able to communicate their personality and individual narrative. Above all, this is accomplished by a process of research, experimentation and refinement, only settling once we are convinced that the final outcome is appropriate for its purpose.

As a small independent studio, where clients liaise directly with the designers, we are able to fully understand and promptly respond to our clients’ needs.

Alex and James at The Hepworth Garden

The Founders

Having graduated together from the University of Cumbria with a BA in Graphic Design, Alex and James have since worked with a multitude of local, national and international clients. These include the NHS, Hard Rock Cafe, Arriva, npower and the University of London.

With over 20 years’ combined experience, they have a wealth of design expertise. This covers everything from vehicle and stage graphics to packaging and merchandise.


James Lodge

James loves a big idea – something which underpins a concept and ties every element of a brand together. It's at this point when the finer details can be added and really bring an identity to life. His love of clean, minimal design ties into his love of functional design, his favourite example being the UK road signage designed by Jock Kinneir and Margaret Calvert.

Since graduating from WPA Pinfold’s Design Academy in Leeds, James has gone on to gain a wealth of experience at several design agencies across West Yorkshire. His strength lies in editorial design, branding and infographics.

Away from design, James loves nothing more than venturing outdoors. If he's not out walking in the Highlands, Lakes or Dales, you’ll find him tinkering with his model railway, creating a miniature world of his own!


Alex McIntosh

Alex loves to see historic design styles 'up-cycled' for a modern purpose. For instance, applying classical typography within a contemporary design can be exciting and to extraordinary effect. Alex is a logically minded designer with a strong environmental conscience.

Coming from a background in illustration, Alex enjoys using traditional methods in his design work. His drawing style, often dark and atmospheric, takes inspiration from artists such as Gustave Doré and Australian illustrator Shaun Tan.

Outside of the studio, Alex keeps himself busy outdoors. He can often be found pottering in his veg-patch, or lacing up his running shoes to squeeze out some more miles. In addition, he likes to have a gruelling endurance challenge to look forward to and is currently training for a marathon.

The Studio

We are proud to call Wakefield our home. A small city, nestled within the sculptural heartland of West Yorkshire, this cultural oasis is a hive of creativity and a rich source of inspiration. Our studio is located beside Wakefield’s historic former library, which now forms part of The Art House.

If you would like discuss a project, or arrange a visit to our studio, please contact us at:

Alex and James working
Alex and James working
The Art House

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