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Pinfold Farm Shop:

Brand identity for a Yorkshire-based farm shop and café.


The owners of a North Yorkshire farm approached us to create a brand for their new farm shop which recently had planning permission granted.

The concept is based around the name of the farm; ‘Pinfold’. An old Saxon word meaning ‘a pound for stray animals’, these were places where stray animals could be kept until reunited with their owners. Using this as a starting point we explored visuals where animals were housed within shapes or letterforms. This eventually led to various animal heads being framed by the letter ‘P’ to give an instantly recognisable icon.

The colour palette takes reference from the location, with a rich green shade forming the primary colour. Further colours are used to highlight the sub-brands within the farm shop. A bright blue is used for the Farmer’s Kitchen Café whereas a traditional brown is used for the Butchery. Together these form an earthy and natural collection that is reinforced by the wholesome photographic style, which showcases homegrown produce and quirky details around the farm.

The mixture of modern typography and the nod to tradition through colours and photography help create an offering which feels organic and inviting. This combined with the use of natural materials such as wood help set the tone throughout and tie the branding into the environment.

Pinfold Farm Shop logo variations
Pinfold Farm Shop chickens
Pinfold Farm Shop fresh produce
Pinfold Farm Shop brand guidelines for typography and colour
Pinfold Farm Shop internal wooden hanging sign
Pinfold Farm Shop freshly picked carrots
Pinfold Farm Shop exterior showing young girl and dog in front of farm gate
Pinfold Farm Shop homemade blackberry jam packaging
Pinfold Farm Shop - Logo variations for Farm Shop, Farmer's Kitchen and Butchery
Pinfold Farm Shop - Lovingly Homemade typography
Pinfold Farm Shop - Farmer's Kitchen café interior
Pinfold Farm Shop - Farmer's Kitchen breakfast and lunch menu
Pinfold Farm Shop - Farmer's Kitchen A-board
Pinfold Farm Shop breakfast and lunch menus on clipboards
Pinfold Farm Shop breakfast menu detail
Pinfold Farm Shop farm to fork typography
Pinfold's Butchery logo
Pinfold Farm Shop grazing cows
Pinfold Farm Shop - Pinfold's Butchery logotype
Pinfold Farm Shop logotype

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