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Halifax Civic Trust:

A new identity for an organisation looking to engage with a younger audience.


Halifax Civic Trust is a voluntary organisation which aims to celebrate, enhance and safeguard the outstanding built and natural environment that Halifax has to offer.

In a bid to raise its profile and engage with a younger audience, we were approached by the Trust in late 2021 to create a new visual identity; the branding launch being set to coincide with their 60th anniversary in 2022.

Taking inspiration from the local environment, we created a minimalist ‘H’ icon that is inspired by architecture of the area, including mills, viaducts and the town’s famous Grade I listed Piece Hall. This simple, contemporary motif can easily be used across a variety of applications and reproduced in a range of sizes without losing impact.

The ‘H’ graphic is also used across photography; the outline shape being used to frame images of Halifax landmarks in a bold and recognisable way.

Colours are inspired by the town’s heritage and its geographical position on the edge of the Pennines. The dark green references the natural landscape of Calderdale, while the brighter shades reference the old Halifax Corporation Buses.

Halifax Civic Trust Stationery
Halifax Civic Trust Tote Bag
Halifax Civic Trust Logo
Halifax Civic Trust Pin Badge
Halifax Civic Trust Membership Leaflet
Halifax Civic Trust Stickers
Halifax Civic Trust Hanging Banners
Halifax Civic Trust Poster
Halifax Civic Trust Colour Palette
Halifax Civic Trust Anne Lister Blue Plaque
Halifax Civic Trust Poster

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