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Forged Gin:

Blending industrial heritage with Art Deco sophistication.


Wakefield-based Forged Spirits approached us in late 2021 to help rebrand and redefine their brand narrative. The company was entering an exciting new chapter, with plans to open a distillery and bar at Tileyard North. As part of the rebranding process, we were tasked with designing new bottle labels for their established range of premium, small batch craft gins.

Forged commissioned local glass manufacturers Stoelzle Flaconnage to produce bespoke 70cl bottles, the design of which continued the sophisticated Art Deco theme which was already associated with the brand. The unique, angular look of the bottle tied in perfectly with the new narrative we were developing for the company, which focused on the industrial heritage of the area.

The front label, a Deco-inspired sunburst shape, features a contemporary illustration that was created as part of the rebrand. This subtly references industrial, manufacturing, and distilling processes. The central portion of the label houses the name ‘Forged Gin’ which runs vertically, enabling us to maximise the text size, making it easily identifiable when positioned behind a bar or in a retail setting.

The labels are printed on a luxurious herringbone textured stock which adds to the premium feel of the product. This is enhanced by gold foil and gloss detail. The wooden stopper is also a custom design and features laser-etched detail.

Forged Gin Logos
Forged Spirits Gin Bottle Neck Label
Forged Gin Rear Label
Forged Gin Illustration Design
Forged Spirits Gin Bottle Label Detail
Forged Spirits Gin Bottle Laser-Engraved Stopper
Forged Gin Label Designs
Forged Spirits Gin Bottle Gold Foil Detail
Forged Sprits Bottle Production at Stoelzle Flaconnage, Knottingley
Forged Gin Embossed Wakefield Text Bottle Detail
Forged Sprits Bottle Production at Stoelzle Flaconnage, Knottingley
Forged Spirits Gin Bottle Laser-Engraved Stopper

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